Rachel Nijman

visual artist


Ruth-Rachel Joeroeja - July 17 1994

A visual artist born and raised in Suriname, who uses art as a vehicle in life to discover herself while also getting inspired by experiences and events which she uses to create and also inspire the ones around her. Her artist name is Rachel Nijman.

After studying at the Academy of Higher Art and Culture Education she exhibited at different events in Suriname and had her first solo exhibition in August 2018, which lead to her exhibiting her art work in Aruba at the Aruba Art Fair 2018. As an artist she gives people the opportunity to experience freedom, adventure and a journey to self-discovery through her art work. She recently discovered a way to inspire people by creating murals with positive messages and images. The feedback she received up to this point is very positive and inspiring and motivates her to continue developing her artistic abilities.

Rachel Nijman

Artist statement

Art defies reality

Living life with the sole purpose to create, inspire and be inspired.

All I see when I’m painting is me and my art in an unknown world filled with positive vibrations. My interest in art started at a very young age when I discovered my mother’s notebook filled with drawings and poems. I didn’t know then what was written in there and why she drew those flowers, but those beautiful lines caught my attention and definitely woke something inside me.

After being depressed for almost ten years I needed a way to express my feelings so I started to draw whatever came to my mind.

I use pencils to draw stories about myself or situations. The grey shades have mystery; they are melancholic and have a deep feel of history which makes them timeless, exactly how I would describe myself.

Unlike my drawings my paintings are very vivid given the bright colors I use to tell stories. It gets more interesting when I tell a sad story with the same bright colors which kind of play a bit with your mind, but if you know what the colors symbolize you’d get the message and also see that my drawings and paintings are the same, a controlled chaos.

Rachel Nijman