Jenevieve Apinsa

jewelry fashion designer


Jenevieve Apinsa - October 13 1992

Jenevieve Apinsa is a jewelry fashion designer born on 13th of October 1992..her business is named Jene’s Bijouterie. she works with fabrics as African prints and batiek..she like fresh colors in her designs because that brings happiness and catches the attention from people faster. Beside fabric she also works with beads and wire wrapping rope.

The designs are handmade, unique, clean, made with lot of love and patient. Wearing a jewelry set of Jene’s Bijouterie makes you happy, unique and give you an extravagant look. Our jewelries s are for 16+.

Jene’s Bijouterie

Artist statement

Be extraordinary with Jene’s Bijouterie

What excites me is seeing my customer satisfied and happy.

Jene started making jewelry in 2011, in 2015 she decided to focus on 1special line, “the African print line”

Jene’s Bijouterie have participated in different fashion shows and annual fairs. For the sake of creating quality designs, Jene have followed trainings by different organizations. A high point in her career is when she was selected as only Surinamese designer to participate at fashion and accelerator temporary boot camp in Trinidad and Tobago in 2019.

Jene want her business to get on a higher level, she will achieve that by expanding her designs from Suriname to the Caribbean  and the world market at large.

Jenevieve Apinsa